Akira Mido
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Father (Kenichi Mido)








Robert McCollum (EN), Yuuichi Nakamura (JP)


High school student, Part-time worker (Sweet Ring, family business)

Akira Mido (御堂アキラ) is Atsuki's classmate.


Akira is a martial artist who holds the ideals of Bushido. His father, Kenichi, owns the restaurant called Sweet Ring, which is known for its low fat and delicious sweets. He is not on good terms with his father due to the fact he blames him for his mother's death due to him leaving them and going overseas in Paris to learn to make pastries from a famous French baker. He later on gets over this idea, and builds a better relationship with Kenichi and often assists his shop.

Game's DescriptionEdit

A junior at Kisaragi High School and Atsuki’s classmate. Really masculine. Looks really buff. Good to have around for hard work. Rough personality. Open and honest, but a bit too honest. Needs to think about other people’s feelings more. Needs to be more kind. Used to live with his mom and dad. Mom died while dad was off at a baker training. Hates his dad since then. Inside, he knows he loves him. Can be seen whipping cream for baking at his dad’s shop. Tries to do  training while whipping cream. His dad’s gonna get angry. Likes to play video games at TOYBOX to relieve stress. Doesn’t play Nosferatu as he doesn’t like to think. Goes to batting cage. Recently has been trying to get better at baking and has actually come to like sweets. Cake made by a muscle maniac sounds nasty … With his hot, straight personality, [he] must be loved by all. [His] relationship with [his] dad has improved, hope he finds his way in life.

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