Atsuki Saijo
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173 cm


60 kg


Jason Liebrecht (EN), Miyano Mamoru (JP)


Listening to music

Atsuki Saijo is the main character and protagonist in Lux-Pain.


Atsuki became an orphan when his mother was killed in a car accident, and his father died from a Silent infection. Atsuki's younger sister was murdered, and he too was infected by Silent. He was saved by Ray Patière when he was near death, and was one of the few people to survive recieving a "Σ" (Sigma) transplant operation. Since then, he has worked for FORT, hoping to avenge his family by eradicating Silent. During the game, Atsuki poses as a student at Kisaragi High School to get information on the incidents happening there. In order to do so, he partnered up with Liu Yee after his former partner, Jin Crawford, was killed.


Few people survive the operations to recieve Sigma, but Atsuki was one of them. At the expense of gaining that power, his right eye shines gold, but he covers it with a black contact lens. His Lux-Pain is in the form of a ring called Gawain, and markings appear on his left arm when he uses it. With Sigma, Atsuki can read the thoughts and feelings of others, and he can see strong feelings left behind as residual shinen.

He is able to use his powers very quickly, and has earned the nickname 'the zero-time telepath' among members of PICUS because of it.

Notes Edit

  • Natsuki Venefskuja, a thirteen-year-old girl with the power of Σ(Sigma) that works in FORT alongside Atsuki, and is in love with him.
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