Mika Nozaki
[ Statistics ]






Parents, sister




155 cm


42 kg


Kate Oxley (EN), Takahashi Makako (JP)




Second year student at Kisaragi High School


Bowling, Karaoke

Personal DataEdit

One of Atsuki's classmates. She is headstrong and independent, and she works as a journalist for the local news station — shows great potential. She is childhood friends with Rui Yamase, Akira Mido, and Ryo Unami. Often becomes the target of Silent infectees.

No matter what she does, Mika never gives up until she's satisfied. She is well-liked by everyone, despite her tendency to speak her mind frankly. She has a strong sense of justice, and despises dishonesty. Her aspiration is to become a journalist who uncovers the evils and injustice in society.

Game's DescriptionEdit

A junior at Kisaragi High School and Atsuki’s classmate. Known for her blue short [hair] cut. Seems a little loud and loves breaking news. Seems to be a journalist at school. Her active personality fits the job, but inability to relax is a problem. She needs to keep a cooler head. Seems to have been targeted by the criminal of Kisaragi City Killer a year ago. She was injured but didn’t give up journalism. A gutsy woman. Due to seeing someone hurt in front of her she’s [suffered] much mental damage.

Chance of attack by Silent is high but her guts keep her safe. Seeing her eats candy makes an argument for hospital release. She ate three jellies and THEN lunch. Maybe they’d better check her stomach… Although she runs around the city, she may be a bit plump. Witnessing her cake binge at Sweet Ring welcomes the danger of becoming round. Despite attack and seizure by Silent, her unchanged-ness is another symbol of her strong will. Maybe the Silent got scared and ran away.


Last Year's PoliceEdit

. I can't remember

. Indiscriminate crime

. Jack the Ripper

. Mako said it

. Movie monologue

. Multiple homicide

. Something's there

. Specific rule

. Ugh, so dumb

. Voiceless cry, being guided

My DeductionEdit

. Akira's worrying me

. Can we use a movie?

. He's really clever

. I'll find you

. Imagine it, it's real

. Killer of omen

. No proof is left over

. Spirit's voice. In reality?

. What's that sound?

Scary StatueEdit

. Akira scared me

. Childhood

. Cursed if touched

. Folk tale

. Hear a demon’s voice

. Just like a movie

. Specter

. Statue

. Superstition

. Town statue’s scary

Mission ExecutionEdit

. Accomplishment

. I dunno

. I need to be with Rui

. I will bring Rui

. I will just bring her

. It's my duty

. It's what I do

. Mission

. Never failing

. Order

. To see that guy

My PrincessEdit

. Bad luck

. He's not the one

. I failed

. I met him then

. Should I do it now?

. That's not fun

. The best is last

. This is why I passed out

. This one's mine

. You possess stigma

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